Call for Action

At the 2014 Fall Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) meeting (September 29 & 30, 2014), the Board of Commissioners voted to allow stocking of some Class A wild trout streams. The policy change, documented at, allows the Executive Director, with approval from the Board of Commissioners, to designate specific Class A streams for stocking. This is a dramatic change, as previous PFBC policy forbid stocking in all Class A wild trout streams.


In summary, the original proposal (full text at: was to allow stocking on a few specific streams according to the following criteria:

  1. The stream was not identified as Class A prior to 2013

  2. The stream was stocked the year immediately prior to determining the stream was Class A

  3. Angler use meets or exceeds the 75th percentile

  4. No stocking would occur in Class A wild brook trout (or mixed wild brook trout) waters

  5. After review of the above data, stocking was approved by the Board of Comissioners and the Executive Director

Stocking in Class A wild trout streams is controversial, to say the least. However, the *original* proposal sought to provide protection to newly surveyed Class A stream sections that have traditionally been stocked while implementing some level of stocking controls. The scope of stocking was tightly limited to a few instances and care was taken to prevent stocking over wild brook trout populations.

In its final decision, however, the Board of Commissioners voted to remove all criteria EXCEPT approval by the board and executive directors. Essentially, any Class A wild trout water can be stocked if the Board of Comissioners and the Executive Director approves it. There is no requirement for an objective review, and even wild brook trout can be stocked over.

We believe this leaves the door open for the PFBC to make stocking decisions based on politics instead of objective data. We feel this is an unsound decision by the PFBC that jeopardizes the health of wild trout, and are asking for your help to overturn the decision. Please consider writing the PFBC to voice your concern on this matter. Comments may be made electronically prior to December 15th at: . 


Click here for a form letter that can be copied and pasted into the above link. Please use this as a guide as the commissioners will give the response greater weight if it does not look like a copied form letter. 

"Y Trout" Program


"Y" Trout - Spring Creek Chapter Trout Unlimited and YMCA of Centre County, with the Pa Fish and Boat Commission announced the creation of a new educational outreach program called the "Y Trout" program at the State College YMCA. This program will raise Brook Trout from eggs and will be used to educate children of all ages of the value of the Spring Creek Watershed to the community.

Y Trout

Judi Sittler, Jamie SanFilippo, and Bethany Taylor.


PATU Awards

We are very pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited honored our own Spring Creek chapter with two 2014 statewide awards during their annual Fall Meeting.


Edward Urbas Best Chapter Award and the Doc Fritchey Award for Outstanding Coldwater Conservationist, TU Member

From left - Paula Sowers, Bob Vierck, Brian Wagner                       Judi Sittler and Brian Wagner

Judi Sittler, Ben Hayes, and Ed O'Gorman

  Tony Gerace Dedication


George Harvey Award

Jennifer Shuey presenting the George Harvey Award for contributions to Spring Creek to Jim McClure - "We're all in the same bathtub" 

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Veteran's Service Program 


Pictures credit Mark Nale

Read about the Veterans Service Program Article from the Centre Daily Times - Mark Nale Woods and Waters column from 9/21/2014 "Local Veterans Service Partnership making a difference" - Click Here

Veterans and SCCTU volunteers started twice a month fishing sessions at Fishermans Paradise as part of our new Veterans Service Program (VSP). They were great nights teaching, learning, laughing and catching some fish.  Veterans from all branches and eras attended.


The group meets the second and fourth Sunday of the month, 12:00 Noon to 4:00PM at Fisherman's Paradise, Bellefonte, PA. Fishing will be in the no wade and fly fishing only area or the all tackle and wade areas along the creek.

Check out our new VSP Page - click here or use the menu
 Please contact Jim Lanning, at

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